03 May 2021 - Buying Alt Coins to 1000 times, 2000 times your capital ?

There are tons of people trying to find out how to purchase Alt Coins but at the same time don't want to put in due diligence to learn how to do it. Thus they simply perform it via exchanges which always ended up buying coins that have already moon before. Such investors would need to pray hard for another moon in order to multiply their money in folds. 

I am gonna share how can we buy "Unlisted" coin. Such coins are usually cheap and 100 USD would gives you about 1, 000, 000 coins. So imagine it the coin moon and reach 0.01 USD per coin, you 100 USD would be come 10 K USD. 

However, this is simply a way to gamble as there is no fundamental backing any Alt Coin or Memes Coins. The way to make money from them is to treat it as a Casino whereby you "FIFO - Fast In Fast Out". Do not be greedy. 

The 2 main ways to buy unlisted Alt Coins are either using Uniswap or Pancakeswap

For Uniswap, you will need a wallet like Metamask and then transfer ETH into there. Do note that the issue with Uniswap is that it runs mainly on ETH network and thus the gas fee is relatively high. When performing a swap, you will need to pay gas fee which you can treat it as commission. 

For Pancakeswap, you can use a wallet like Metamask too but easier way will be to use Trustwallet. Most of the coins can be swap using Binance Coin and using Trustwallet will be easier. 

There are tons of tutorials on youtube and I would say if you have the spare money to gamble, why not gamble on Alt Coins ? It is a better deal than Casino. 

An example of tutorial video on how to link Pancakeswap to Trust

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