28 July 2021 - Do you dare to buy the China Dip ?

I am not a financial advisor and this post is purely my views. It is not investment advice or reference material to make any decision.  I am vested in both US and China Market. 

The post is written on 27 July 2021. 

For people who are not living under a rock, you would likely hear about Hang Seng Index "Crashing" over the last few days. If we were to compare the year-to-date high of 31,084 to the current 25, 086 (time of writing), the drop between Feb 2021 to now is approximately 6, 000 points which are about 20 %. 

The hell starts to break loose when the crack down on Tech Companies started. It all started with Ant Financial IPO to the latest move on DIDI. 

I am confident to add some Chinese Tech listed in HKSE. Fundamentally, I believed nothing changed yet but we must take note that not all China Companies would recover. For those who are unaware, you might want to read up on what happened on SSE during 2015-2016. 

However, as mentioned in my previous post, I try to clear out my US Listed Chinese Companies (ADR) and shift all positions to either HKSE, SSE or SZSE. 

For these stocks, I am mentally prepared to hold them a good 10 - 20 years from now. The worst case is for the authority to do something totally unexpected and resulted in the company going to zero ? 

26 July 2021 - How to freelance for Grabfood ?

This is not a sponsored post. 

Signing up for Grabfood is easy and can be done within a few days. 

Firstly, you will need to sign up at Driver Portal. You will need to decide on your mode of transport at this point in time. I will recommend going for the bicycle choice if you don't have a motor. It is not easy to walk. Just get an average bicycle and install a plank at the rear. 

It is rather straight forward but what comes next will be the E learning which will take about half a day. After completing the E learning, all you need to do is to wait for the confirmation link before booking an appointment to purchase your gears. 

You will need to head down the Grab Office at Sin Ming to buy your gears. Thereafter, you can activate your Driver App and start your job! 


Easy to sign up

Work as and when I am happy

Pay is quite decent 


It can be tiring if you are not fit and the earning will likely be lesser. I don't encourage food delivery as a full time job as I believed it is a job that will be affected as you age. Income is likely to decrease as you are unable to "Chiong". 

Personal Experience. 

I had taken up Grabfood as a side hustle on weekdays night. I signed up partly because my area is usually quite "Warm" at night meaning I get order continuously. I am able to complete about 5 - 6 trips within 2 hours and earn a decent side income. 

Strongly encourage if you have that 1 - 2 hours at night to spare for cycling.