16 October 2020 - Finally Broke 11 k USD

Bitcoin finally broke 11 K USD and has been stabilising at that region for a few days. We are beginning to see that the next resistance is at about 11.5 K USD. Due to the increase in price for Bitcoin, all the other alt coins follow suits too and surge. 

Nobody knows where it will be heading toward next. However, seems like the potential for Bitcoin to be hitting 12 K USD will be the goal. There are tons of people putting unrealistic target price for Bitcoin for the next few years. A google search will simply result in 1 million per BTC or 200 K per BTC. 

We seriously hope that the price will reach that level but doubt it will happen anytime soon. What Robert Kiyosaki shares about in this latest video is actually very true. Money is debt and can be printed when required. 


BTC is limited and can only increase in price. Thus if it manage to go main stream than it will truly hit 1 million per BTC.