Friday, 31 July 2020

31 July 2020 - USA Portfolio

For those who are tracking the US market closely will know by now that the big tech companies earning were all sky rocketing. Will we be expecting Nasdaq to hit new high again ? Nobody know. Judging from the truth on the ground, many individuals are still suffering from unemployment and the market don’t seems to match the real world anymore. 

I have recently took profit for S&P500 as I don’t have a good feeling about the USA economy in general. However, Nasdaq is a totally different ball game. I expect Nasdaq to continue marching on due to the tech stocks. Having said that, there will still be a target price to offload it. 

Lastly I added some gold etf as I don’t foresee positive outlook for US economy. Once reality hit the market, we will expect a good pull back or crash. Then again I am not an expert thus I will rather be in the market than to time the market.

Currently, I am still in green for my US portfolio and suffering from huge red for my SG portfolio. Surprisingly, my crypto portfolio is also in green due to the crypto run past few days. Overall, the green from crypto and US portfolio managed to offset my SG portfolio loss. I will likely have to rework my portfolio and adjust my investment accordingly.

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