12 July 2020 - Portfolio Update

My portfolio consist of the following as of 12 July 2020.
For the past few months, my warchest increase due to readjustment of investment portfolio and also way lesser spending due to Covid19. Due to Covid19, I spent close to 1000 SGD lesser now as compared to the past. the last 3 months mean that I have additional 3000 SGD into my warchest. This makes me think if spending on those items are really necessary in the past ? 
From the previous update till now, I added CaptiaLand to my SG Portfolio and added SPY and BKR-B to my US portfolio. The US is having a Kangaroo market and I really don't know what to buy know. Thus I scooped up SPY and BKR - B at a reasonable price and is currently in green now. I have divested all my holding from Oanda and stopped forex trading as it is too time consuming. I have added China market into my portfolio but not sure if it will be a wise choice. 
Looking forward to adding more to Singapore Portfolio to build a strong dividend income stream. 

Singapore …

11 July 2020 - Election Result

The article is all in our opinion and have nothing to do with anybody. Figures were extracted from online sources. 
Unless you are living under a rock, else you will know that Worker Party had won 10 seats in Singapore GE 2020. The opposition won Aljunied GRC, Sengkang GRC and Hougang SMC. They have successfully retained Aljunied GRC and Hougang SMC by winning with significant margin. Sengkang GRC is the newly form GRC and Worker Party won it by a slight margin. This would likely be the first time in history whereby opposite won two GRC. 
This election was special as there was no physical rally. The result shows that the ruling party seems to have did worst than previous GE in 2015. This time they only secure 61.24 % of the votes. There were so many close fight in many other constituents. Opposition in Bukit Batok SMC, Bukit Panjang SMC, East Coast GRC and West Coast GRC lost with slight margin and garner more than 45 % of the votes. All these were all the potential opposition who might…

10 July 2020 - Singaporean Vote

We the citizen of Singapore, will be casting our vote today. This is the most special election ever in the history of Singapore. There was no physical rallies but everything was online. There was no candidate on campaign lorry to roam around and wave to voters. 
All these was due to Covid-19. The worst pandemic till date.
Will this be the new norm moving forward ? Nobody knows. Wearing mask, gathering of no more than 5 people, eating with plastic barrier on table to separate people, safety distancing but squeezing on public transport is allow.
If this will be something that will last a long time, we will likely see some company begin to soar in sales due to their product. Some product that will become a staples under the new norm. Whoever can identify these companies and invest in them will likely make a pot of gold. 
Some companies will also likely start to go down hill due to the new norm. Like entertainment industry for example. Likely with the new norm, they will not be able to functi…

06 July 2020 - Special Update

Due to the upcoming Singapore General Election, we did not read much on investment news and thus unable to update this week. This GE, there will be opposition in all wards and we will likely be expecting a tough fight. 
On the other hand, the community cases for covid19 seems to be increasing in Singapore which is scary. Just today, there are 23 cases and it don’t seem to be stopping. 
Will a March 2020 market crash repeat again if cases around the world continue to increase ? Or people are simply living the new norm with covid19 already ?
Won’t be commenting much but we will monitor the Singapore market next few days. 
Nonetheless, our war chest is ready to be deploy.
 Lets just pray for the best.

02 July 2020 - MM2 Asia Ltd

MM2 Asia Ltd, the miracle company that produce wonder for a few years before Covid - 19 hit. For people who are around during the 2016, you will likely hear the name MM2 Asia Ltd. 
This stock was almost magical as the rate of expansion was simply surprising. It performed stock split not once but twice during 2016. It also expanded by taking over UnUsUaL and then Cathay Cineplex. The company also attract investor by giving out free tickets to events or movie. The most notable one was the Park Bo Gum's fan meet which was quite surprising as the ticket was actually not easy to get. Then MM2 also venture into business of grooming talent by setting up 2MM Talent Hub . Moving forward, they are planning to move into streaming business too. We are not sure of its’ contents but given the facts that there are already so many big boys out there, we are not so optimistic.
This company might be overvalued to some investor but we strongly believed this stock would go far. However, due to Covid-19…

29 June 2020 - Crypto Update


26 June 2020 - Thai Beverage

Thai Beverage is a company which many investors in Singapore will know. The company was founded in year 2003 and have expanded exponentially ever since. Their main business originally was their beer business but they have expanded into various non-alcoholic drinks and also frozen food ever since. 
The main anchoring brand is their Chang Beer which anyone visiting Thailand will have seen it before or maybe even tasted it. Another reason that you might have seen the word "Chang" before will be from English Premier League (Everton). 
No doubt that Thai Beverage sales might have been affected by the Covid Pandemic but they have their non alcoholic business to fall back onto to provide a life line to them. Furthermore, alcoholic beverage business will always be thriving as human likes to drink in general be it beer or spirit. It is the "cool" thing to do for young adult. 
Looking at their subsidiaries - F&N, OISHI Group, SERMSUK, International Beverage, Sabeco and Gran…