19 September 2020 - Insurance, how much is enough ?

What if you die tomorrow ? What will happen to your family ? Life insurance or term insurance better ? Before we get psycho by the advisor, we should first ask ourself, do we really need so much after we passed on ? There is a vast difference between passing away and becoming handicap. Here is what I use to decide on my coverage. Firstly, list down all my liabilities - Bills and loan. Secondly, your lifestyle (expected) if you can no longer lead your current life. This is important because you cannot expect yourself to go out for bar hoping if you are bog down by cancer. You have to make reasonable estimate. Do this by first checking how much you spend on foods and groceries. Just assume you will continue to eat like how you will eat now so that you don't end up underestimating. Include the average transport fee, if you are only driving now, take that gas money and estimate it to your private hire car fee. Lastly, include any maid or nurse if you think you will need one (e.g becam…

17 Sep 2020 - CryptoCurrency

Cryptocurrencies have remain stagnant for the past few weeks. BTC can't seems to break out from the 10k range and the other alternative coins are not soaring either. To be honest, I feel that currently, the best thing to do is to hold either gold or cryptocurrencies for diversification in portfolio. Looking at how the person who always badmouth about gold entered Barrick Gold, it makes me uncomfortable. XRP don't seems to be doing so well and I am thinking of offloading them. CRO was a gain for me and Crypto.Com seems to be doing more for their user. However, the only limit is that in Singapore, it is difficult to use the card as there is a limit. Furthermore, we are also unable to stake till the extent of the black card. Hopefully someday our market will be more open and we can use it to our advantage. Physical Gold might not be for everybody and thus I feel cryptocurrencies can actually be a good addition. I am looking forward to add more cryptocurrencies and likely I will b…

15 September 2020 - Diversifying

Diversifying is something that we keep hearing and those "GURU" will encourage you. What is real diversify ? Do not be surprise that many individual feel that they are diversify but they are actually not. Fiction Story Xiao Ming is new to investment and a "GURU" tells him that he must diversify and must not put all his eggs into a single basket. Therefore Xiao Ming set up a broker account and CDP. Xiao Ming then decided that he wants to go for the FIRE movement and so he buy stocks that give dividend. Somewhere down the road, Xiao Ming was psycho by pretty agent to buy saving plans which require 5 years's commitment. To Xiao Ming, diversify basically mean to hold different investment product in his portfolio. Xiao Ming's Portfolio DBS:  200 SharesUOB: 200 SharesSingtel: 2000 SharesHourglass: 3000 Shares STI ETF: 1500 SharesSome endowment product that actually focus on SG Stock markets. If we look at this portfolio, DBS, UOB and Singtel are actually part of …

13 September 2020 - Portfolio Update

My portfolio consist of the following as of 13 August 2020.Market was quite scary the last week and Nasdaq fell like grapes. My portfolio surprising did not react much and was quite steady. 
The breakdown of my portfolio is as such. 
Singapore Portfolio ($ 40, 123.57) - Dividend (XD) So Far This Year ($ 1737.72)
DBS: 708  OCBC: 1000  YZJ: 5000 Capitaland: 3552
Decided to take cash dividend. Do not want to make same mistake as my Capitaland one. 
USA Portfolio($ 16, 385 - 12, 183 Stocks + $ 4202 : Cash in USD) (capital: $15, 000)
BKR B:15 QQQ: 10 TSLA: 3 APPL: 15
Made changes to my portfolio by taking profile from random tech stock that I was holding. QQQ had a huge correction of close to 10 % in just a few days. Entered APPLE and TESLA as I felt that the value was just right. 
Crpytocurrency($ 2148) 
BTC: 0.524 XRP: 3038 CRO: 1450
Crypto seems to be stabilising so far. 
Others (Dividend till date : 158 $) 
P2P lending: $ 100 Warchest : $ 10, 000
Endownment: $ 25914
I am trying to balance m…

09 September 2020 - SG portfolio review

Well I know this review came earlier than expected but I need to take a break from reading US news. I have neglected Singapore for too long. My readers will know that owned only 04 Singapore Listed Shares (DBS, YZJ, Capitaland, OCBC). Out of the 04, I can't wait to get rid of 01 of them as I wished to better utilised my fund. I have chosen to take money for the 02 banks' dividend as I don't want the odd lot to disturb my plan in future when I want to sell them. The money will contribute to my warchest in due time. Out of the my holding, the one I am looking forward to add will be DBS. Therefore, I am not worried even if DBS drop further as it would be a good time to add. I am looking to add at least 300 more shares before 1st quarter next year if the situation allows. As for YZJ and CapitaLand, I do not have plan to add any in the short term unless the price are super attractive which it is currently not the way. Currently, the price is like at a strip club whereby you get…

07 September 2020 - TESLA

As of today, TESLA has report continuous 4 quarter of positive earning. This will allow them to be added into S&P500 but sadly it did not happen. If you have invested in TESLA last year, you will be laughing to the bank now. If it was indeed included into S&P500, you will be laughing even louder. Personally I still have ton of faith for TESLA. The company has the ability to perform more R&D for technology more than just automated car. The current technology market is stagnant since Smartphone. Ever since the boom of Smartphone, everything that were released subsequently leech onto the raise of Smartphone. The raise of Smartphone era made many companies boom. APPLE, GOOGLE, Facebook and etc. Smartphone allows us to connect with people anywhere easily. Can you imagine travelling without a Smartphone now ? You can't even leave your room without the Smartphone, let alone leaving the house. However, I believe things will end in 1 way or another just like how Nokia used to …

05 September 2020 - Crypto update

Bitcoin is currently facing a huge resistance and don't seems to be able to break it. It feels as though it is storing energy to break through the resistance or maybe is simple just too tired and waiting to crash. I read a news report recently and is quite concern about crypto as a whole. It reminded me of late 2017 when the crypto market just die and took so long to recover till recent height. Looking at the alt coin, they have yet to reach anywhere near their 2017 peak. I don't have a good feeling for crypto but as the other crypto holder always do. Just HLOD.